Thank you for visiting my blog! This is my first post so I am not going to cover anything specific.  Instead, I thought I would introduce myself and my master-plan! I am an urban planner working in England; so most of my thoughts are going to relate to the system over here.

My thoughts are quite radical and are born out of a frustration of seeing and experiencing many places failing to achieve their potential.  Across the country we see so many beautiful cities, towns and villages built by our predecessors, yet we don’t even come close to achieving them today.  But my gripes extend beyond the aesthetic.  We are building houses, and we are building them much quicker than we were 5 years ago.  But still I cannot afford a place of my own; an issue that plagues many of my friends’ and colleagues’ minds.  I am still envious, and to be honest, outraged, when my parents’ tell me they paid around £30,000 for their first house!

So it is out of this professional and personal irritation that I have decided to start this blog and share my thoughts.  I will be posting regular updates on news about the world of urban planning, as well as sharing great ideas and concepts from around the globe.  If you have any comments please pipe up! Until my first real article… thanks for reading!

The Urban Grain


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